‘Leading With Compassion’ The SiMBa Concert




Using the CAGE LOCK to get out of the cage — SiMBa gives you the Keys

Compassion (empathic thought) is an experience (& a language), so the words we choose matter — thoughts, words and actions are constantly influenced by one another (in any order) but we’ve been trained to PLAY win/lose, who’s right & make life miserable, while speaking the language of separation.

The awesome news is: abundance, joy, love, and happiness can be yours NOW — no waiting list. We believe there are certain SiMBa (spirit, mind & body) keys to unlocking any cage and experiencing blissful happiness. If your life is carefree & joyful get excited because you’re about to grow. If you are looking for a happiness update then you will be energized by this upload of pure potentiality.

Key Learnings:

● Discover the power and impact that empathy-as-a-skill has in all areas of your life
● Increase compassion & empathy within yourself and those you have the privilege to connect with
● Empower your relationships and create a richer, deeper experience
● See your professional life take off and open up NEW & exciting opportunities
● Experience a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness right NOW


Describing himself as a spiritual being experiencing life as an American of African Ancestry with a pro sports pedigree, Tony Scruggs is a paradigm maker & transformational ‘keynote’ speaker, incorporating Restorative Justice & Social Change with Personal Power & NonViolent Communication (NVC)!

As the son of an LGBT father (also an empathy-coach) who grew up across the street from Stanford University, joined a fraternity at Ucla, played Major League Baseball and has acted in movies and sports commercials, Tony brings the energy of an elite athlete, the empathy of his Psych PhD mother & the wisdom of his friend/mentor Arun Gandhi (yah, that Gandhi)

“Some people make the current paradigm more effective and some make more effective paradigms!” ~SiMBa…Tony does both, and shares tools & philosophies that like a true metaphysician focus on both prevention & health!

To bring Tony to your campus, conference, show or event, please contact @DyanDiamond or send a note to @TrueNorthHouse Publishing and Production or Email Tony’s Speaking Emissary

PS What is the aforementioned ‘CAGE LOCK?’ it’s the compassion, abundance, gratitude & empathy that goes along with the language of connected kindness😎

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