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Hello everyone and happy Thursday!  Today’s blog was written by Tony Scruggs.  Please read on and help him find his biological daughter by sharing this post on social media.  Here is the beautiful young woman we are looking for:


The ‘Language Of Separation’ & a Father/Daughter Connection

If the ‘language of separation’ creates toxic intention, will changing our words change our thoughts, and lead us to the ‘Promise Land’ of Human Connection?

She said: “I gave our daughter up for adoption”

I said: “Thank You for Gifting our Daughter with Adoption”

He said: “So your daughter is mixed?”

I said: “Our daughter is a combination of her Mother & her Father”

They said: “What ‘race’ do you think she identifies as?”

I said: “Since ‘race’ is the entirety, not the variety, Human I think”

She said: “I chose adoptive Parents of each color”

I said: “I’m Grateful for your Courage…

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Announcing The Release Of: Excellence Off The Field!

True North House


We are so excited to announce the release of Tony Scruggs’ book – Excellence Off The Field.  Read what others are saying about Tony:

“Tony Scruggs hits a Home Run with his ideas.  He can help you access your inner Empathic Communicator and discover you next best self!” ~ Tony Danza

“Tony is a passionate man driven to make a difference in the world.”  ~ Jariek Robbins

“Tony Scruggs has amazing communication tools that are nonviolent and can help you connect to yourself & others. His ideas will enhance your life and your relationships!”  ~ Arun Gandhi

This book can change your life.  It is written in an engaging style – as if Tony is speaking right to you, the reader.  It contains so many gems of helpful information.  Tools that can help you live a more peaceful, effective life – today!

Pick up a copy for yourself today and…

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The #EmpathyChallenge

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This is in response to Tony “The Empathy Guy” Scruggs’ ~ the #EmpathyChallenge  Please check it out here:

I was working at a shelter for battered persons and it was a very busy year.  A woman and her two sons came in late one night.  She had been abused by her husband for almost ten years.  She was confused and in pain.

Just as I got her and the boys settled, the phone started to ring.  Her husband had found her and knew where the shelter was.  We had to move quickly to evacuate her and the boys.

A volunteer came to take them to another shelter, farther away.  As I loaded them up into the van, it was the look on their faces that struck me.  They were so tired, so scared and so unsure about what was happening.  It was not an uncommon thing to happen for me – but…

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@Oprah’s #LifeYouWantSJ led me towards my Dream, & back to my Mom


Two years ago today (11/17/12) @ 8pm pst, I was scheduled to talk to my Mom (like clock-work, every other Saturday, for 4 years)! Two weeks prior (11/03/12), we had an Amazing conversation around how Excited she was about her upcoming Choir performance with Barbara Streisand, and before we put our final phone call on pause, she asked me how my Dream of sharing the ‘Language of Connection’ with Oprah was going, & told me that she would ask Barbara if she could use an ‘Empathy Coach’ (Cuz as a PhD in Psychology, she had One in mind, who happened to be her Son)

On 11/10/2014 (the anniversary of her transition), two tickets to ‘Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend’ opened up, and since I Believe “What we resist, persists” (Spiritually, Mentally, & Physically), I went with the FLOW, scooping them up for my Father & myself! All things seemed to align, & the Magic began promptly @ 10am on Friday (11/13…the same date I learned about my Mother’s transition)! I brought two dozen White Roses, & gifted them to people who had met my Needs for RICE (Respect, Inclusion, Connection, & Equality), including Maya Watson, Adam Glassman, Amy Purdy, & Jill Van Lokeren! I had the Privilege of meeting Awesome OWN Ambassadors (Like Ruth, Lonnell, Jill, Paolo, Cheryl, Caroline, Jodi, Kim, Bionca, Amandeep, Malika, Sheetal & Jasmine), and reconnecting with folks like Kirsty, Rich, Vicki & Chef Art 😉


Dad arrived on the Train @ 4:44 pm, and the ‘Evening With Oprah’ was a pure Synergistic Energy Exchange! After listening to my Physiology (a holistic Spirit, Mind, & Body check-in), I decided to honor my “What we resist, persists” Philos, & engage in early morning Yoga, Meditation, & Exercise, which brought me back to balance before Saturday’s festivities! On the way to the event (with Dad in tow), I did my car routine (which includes Smiling Practice, Affirmations, & the singing of 8 Empathy songs…like Row Your Boat)

We took an ussie in the LYWT App ‘Photo Booth’, and feasted on the Magnificence of OTown, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Liz Gilbert, and Rob Bell. Serendipitous conversations with folks who approached us followed, as I’m guessing a distinguished LGBT Father & Contemplative Athlete Son of African-Ancestry (Higher Shade of Brown) in a safe environment, was too attrctive to pass up, & when people found out we taught Compassion & Empathy, the Q’s became much more specific to their Life-Situations!


Then the real Grace took Place, during Iyanla:
We were inside the SAP Center, and my Father was experiencing sensory overload, & needed an Oasis within the Space! Sensing our dilemma psychically, an SAP Ambassador invited us to the club level, and as we sat down, we noticed photos on the wall, and saw one of Barbara Streisand! When Mom told me about the Concert (two years prior), I had no idea where it took place…until we saw that photo, and then (with tears cleansing my cheeks), I realized the @LifeYouWantTour had led me to my Mother’s final place of #JoyMagicAndAdventure with Barbara Streisand and the San Jose Symphonic Choir *He sheds #TearsOfJoy as he types*

The Life I Want, includes honoring the Dreams that have come true (Baseball & Acting), and aspiring towards my current Dream of sharing #TheEmpathyPLAN with the World. It includes honoring special moments, like learning I fathered a Child that was Gifted with Adoption, learning the Philosophy of non-violence in India with Gandhi’s Grandson (plus Restorative-Justice from the architect, Dominic Barter), & my 4 months on the campaign trail recently with Marianne Williamson! The Life I Want, includes honoring the Life and Legacy of my Mother (& her only Granddaughter), and something is telling me that my scheduled phone call from two years ago today, is right on time 😉


I Love You Mom, SiMBa (Spirit, Mind, & Body, with inspiration and abundance mixed in)

PS Dear Oprah, Chi of Love, Thank You for ‘Being The Change’ you wish to See/Be in the World. Btw, the shower pressure after my Yoga, Meditation, & Exercise today was EXCELLENT


Make That Change In 4 Days

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Thank you so much for sharing this amazing spiritual journey with me.  Last week we learned new ways to communicate and new ways to care about others and ourselves.  If you missed a day, I will put the links below.  If you have any questions, comments or love you can leave them here.

You can also go on twitter and type in #MTC4Days and click on it to see more.  You can find the author of the playshop, Tony Scruggs, at @compassioning on Twitter.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Day Four:

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What time is it? It’s 4:00 am & it’s #GameTime


It’s 4:00 am I’m 8 years old & my Mom (RIP) is waking me up for Skating practice! I didn’t always love the waking up but I totally loved becoming excellent at Skating! Fast forward a few years & it’s 4:00 am on a Monday during my 1st adolescent summer, and I’m getting up to go to two-a-day Football practice! Still wasn’t thrilled with the waking up but I loved being with my friends, & I loved improving as a player everyday! Now skimming over (while simultaneously giving a S/O to my days as a Student Athlete @ Ucla) it’s a decade later it’s 4:00 am and I’m on a plane with Bobby Valentine, Davey Lopes, & Nolan Ryan, on my 1st Major League road trip (Awesome)…a decade after that, it’s 4:00 am & I’m in a limo with Topher Grace & Anne Hathaway getting ready for our scene in ‘Valentines Day’!

I was trained as an Actor & an Athlete to set (or accept) a Target, Concentrate my Power, and remember that Joy & Success were not in the destination, but were the Mode of Transportation (& I’ve been around people my entire life that exemplify Excellence & Effort)!

It’s 4:00 am & I just completed today’s ‘Live It’ Challenge (Thank You Jairek & Amanda Robbins) wondering what “Small Steps” my ‘Live It’ Teammates are taking & reveling in Coach Wooden’s Philosophy of “Never try to be better than someone else, but never cease to try to be the very best that you can be” as I compete with only myself & focus on CANI (Constant And Never-Ending Improvement)!

But wait, is looking @ the whole of ‘Team Humanity’ as my Teammates preventing me from seeing the Beauty in them where they are? If my norm is Excellence & Effort, and my Goal is to Connect with someone who can help me as a Transformational Speaker (& they act differently than my past Teammates), am I unable to see new possibilities? Wow, so when the TV Producer I was wanting to Connect with drafted me on twitter the other day, and then released me without ever seeing me play, did my Teammate Metaphor contribute to the depth of pain, hopelessness & tears that I experienced?

Ok, so my “Three Opponents” are crafty! They’re not driving a CIVIC (critical inner voice~inner critic), they’re driving the ‘Faith & Action Car’, & using a Spiritual Hammer, seeing nails! So YOU TELL ME, does this Contemplation make sense as to why it defies my Understanding that people don’t reply to heart-felt (effort-laden) Social Media messages (when I was taught to sign every autograph, & go out of my way to help people)? Does it make sense to you that when I’m given an assignment, I take it as a challenge to educate myself & everyone around me? Does it make sense that I’m NOW going to realize that @ 4:00 am not everybody thinks it’s #GameTime? 😉

Love, SiMBa (Spirit, Mind, & Body, with inspiration and abundance mixed in…aka Tony #TheEmpathyGuy)

‘Leading With Compassion’ The SiMBa Concert




Using the CAGE LOCK to get out of the cage — SiMBa gives you the Keys

Compassion (empathic thought) is an experience (& a language), so the words we choose matter — thoughts, words and actions are constantly influenced by one another (in any order) but we’ve been trained to PLAY win/lose, who’s right & make life miserable, while speaking the language of separation.

The awesome news is: abundance, joy, love, and happiness can be yours NOW — no waiting list. We believe there are certain SiMBa (spirit, mind & body) keys to unlocking any cage and experiencing blissful happiness. If your life is carefree & joyful get excited because you’re about to grow. If you are looking for a happiness update then you will be energized by this upload of pure potentiality.

Key Learnings:

● Discover the power and impact that empathy-as-a-skill has in all areas of your life
● Increase compassion & empathy within yourself and those you have the privilege to connect with
● Empower your relationships and create a richer, deeper experience
● See your professional life take off and open up NEW & exciting opportunities
● Experience a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness right NOW


Describing himself as a spiritual being experiencing life as an American of African Ancestry with a pro sports pedigree, Tony Scruggs is a paradigm maker & transformational ‘keynote’ speaker, incorporating Restorative Justice & Social Change with Personal Power & NonViolent Communication (NVC)!

As the son of an LGBT father (also an empathy-coach) who grew up across the street from Stanford University, joined a fraternity at Ucla, played Major League Baseball and has acted in movies and sports commercials, Tony brings the energy of an elite athlete, the empathy of his Psych PhD mother & the wisdom of his friend/mentor Arun Gandhi (yah, that Gandhi)

“Some people make the current paradigm more effective and some make more effective paradigms!” ~SiMBa…Tony does both, and shares tools & philosophies that like a true metaphysician focus on both prevention & health!

To bring Tony to your campus, conference, show or event, please contact @DyanDiamond or send a note to @TrueNorthHouse Publishing and Production or Email Tony’s Speaking Emissary

PS What is the aforementioned ‘CAGE LOCK?’ it’s the compassion, abundance, gratitude & empathy that goes along with the language of connected kindness😎