Ask SiMBa…

“Some people make the Current Paradigm more effective, & some people make More Effective Paradigms” ~@SiMBaSays444

“Sometimes we need to change our Perceptions, and sometimes we need to change our Procedures” ~@TonyRobbins

Some people share Philosophy, and some people share Strategy! My Intention is to Synergize all FOUR, & gift you with a Holistic space to meet your needs for Empathy, Symphony, and Concrete Direction! Y’all ready?…then Ask SiMBa, and we’ll Mash-Up similar Energy, offering you Collective Serendipity! 😉

*Sample Q: How do I say ‘no’ with Compassion to my #LovedOnes?
*Sample Q: How do I approach people, Mourning with Compassion?
*Sample Q: What’s the diff btwn a Request & a Values Expression?
*Sample Q: How can I translate what I don’t want, into what I do? (What Intention, do you have, for the World?)

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