Identity & Intention

♥…I’m a Compassion Coach, intent on, Communication Innovation, with a Mission, to Connect “Team Humanity” to Empathy, via mulit-viewer Platforms, sharing the “Art of Compassionate Communication”, & giving people tools, for “Life Innovation”…what kind of tools, you ask?

(1) Teaching people, the Language of the Soul (feelings), & the “Language of Love” (Inclusion Language, Speaking Peace, NonViolent Communication)

(2) Offering a “Bridge of Transport”, from the Head to the Heart

(3) Helping people employ, the 1st Agreement (Be Impeccable, with your word)

♥…my personal Intention, is to “Live the Awakened Life, in the Unknown field, of all Possibilities, beyond right & wrongdoing, where Rumi & Shakti G, are hanging out, painting portraits, of the Grandest Version, of the Greatest Vision, that we hold, for all Living Beings” 😉

Also to, Connect with people, & meet their Needs (via Life-Serving strategies)

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