Games & Toys

♥…whether, you wanna learn how to play “Make Life Wonderful” (in relation to, “the blame game”), or check-out what SiMBa, has written lately, this is, your One-Stop-Shop, for Fun & Games (or as they say, in NonViolent Communication, Creativity, Joy, Exploration, Discovery, Growth, Learning, & Companionship)! Ya with me? 😉

Let’s do this, “Friends of SiMBa”! If you, want a lil SiMBa in your Life, & you have a group of 22, or more (or want a private “NonViolent Personal Power” session), “Bring it on down, to SiMBaVille”!

For a limited time, the 1st sesh, is my Gift to you, and since “$$$$ is the Value, we create for other people”, subsequent interactions, will be, Remunerated at…

Private coaching: $100 for ½ hr
Public coaching: SAG/AFTRA daily
National coaching (or consecutive Public coaching, days): SAG/AFTRA weekly
(Remunerate below)

SiMBa Says…Are you ready?

Donate & Remunerate

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