1st AB
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIVtwjdfb2M (Football Commercial ~ Receiver)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl_22e_OmJU (Baseball Commercial ~ Batter)

The Universe…pause on the vastness of that word…calls me SiMBa (Spirit/Mind/Body, with inspiration & abundance). I’m a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience, which has included Professional Athletics, Acting, & Presenting (all over the World)! I combine all of my experiences to teach the ‘Language Of Connection’ & share #TheEmpathyPLAN!

I’m an Empathy Coach! What’s an Empathy Coach you ask? Well, if Empathy is “Hearing what people are Feeling & seeing what people are Needing”, & a Coach is someone who shows us how to be Excellent @ something (& then reminds us of our EXCELLENCE), I get to remind you of how Excellent you are @ Connecting with yourself & others! Make sense? 😉

I teach NVC “NonViolent Communication” (or Compassionate Communication/The #LanguageOfTheHeart), with my Father (inspired by our trip to India with the Gandhi family)! I’m here to offer you a Gift.

I’m a Doo/Bee Brother playing SHRuGBall (Social-Change/Human-Variation/Restorative-Justice/Group-Privilege/Baseball) with Expertise! (ie People tell me what they wanna do & I share my Beliefs on How To Be)! Feel me? 😉

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