What time is it? It’s 4:00 am & it’s #GameTime


It’s 4:00 am I’m 8 years old & my Mom (RIP) is waking me up for Skating practice! I didn’t always love the waking up but I totally loved becoming excellent at Skating! Fast forward a few years & it’s 4:00 am on a Monday during my 1st adolescent summer, and I’m getting up to go to two-a-day Football practice! Still wasn’t thrilled with the waking up but I loved being with my friends, & I loved improving as a player everyday! Now skimming over (while simultaneously giving a S/O to my days as a Student Athlete @ Ucla) it’s a decade later it’s 4:00 am and I’m on a plane with Bobby Valentine, Davey Lopes, & Nolan Ryan, on my 1st Major League road trip (Awesome)…a decade after that, it’s 4:00 am & I’m in a limo with Topher Grace & Anne Hathaway getting ready for our scene in ‘Valentines Day’!

I was trained as an Actor & an Athlete to set (or accept) a Target, Concentrate my Power, and remember that Joy & Success were not in the destination, but were the Mode of Transportation (& I’ve been around people my entire life that exemplify Excellence & Effort)!

It’s 4:00 am & I just completed today’s ‘Live It’ Challenge (Thank You Jairek & Amanda Robbins) wondering what “Small Steps” my ‘Live It’ Teammates are taking & reveling in Coach Wooden’s Philosophy of “Never try to be better than someone else, but never cease to try to be the very best that you can be” as I compete with only myself & focus on CANI (Constant And Never-Ending Improvement)!

But wait, is looking @ the whole of ‘Team Humanity’ as my Teammates preventing me from seeing the Beauty in them where they are? If my norm is Excellence & Effort, and my Goal is to Connect with someone who can help me as a Transformational Speaker (& they act differently than my past Teammates), am I unable to see new possibilities? Wow, so when the TV Producer I was wanting to Connect with drafted me on twitter the other day, and then released me without ever seeing me play, did my Teammate Metaphor contribute to the depth of pain, hopelessness & tears that I experienced?

Ok, so my “Three Opponents” are crafty! They’re not driving a CIVIC (critical inner voice~inner critic), they’re driving the ‘Faith & Action Car’, & using a Spiritual Hammer, seeing nails! So YOU TELL ME, does this Contemplation make sense as to why it defies my Understanding that people don’t reply to heart-felt (effort-laden) Social Media messages (when I was taught to sign every autograph, & go out of my way to help people)? Does it make sense to you that when I’m given an assignment, I take it as a challenge to educate myself & everyone around me? Does it make sense that I’m NOW going to realize that @ 4:00 am not everybody thinks it’s #GameTime? 😉

Love, SiMBa (Spirit, Mind, & Body, with inspiration and abundance mixed in…aka Tony #TheEmpathyGuy)

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