Morning Routine


Kevin Trudeau (10-1) Countdown, into a Wayne Dyer (24s clock), into a Deepak Chopra (“Slip into the Gap, have a desire, release attachment to Outcome, & let the Universe handle, the details”) mantra, a quick “Smile Practice”, completed with an “Awaken The Buddha within”, Count-Up!


Functional Anatomy (Anatomical Functionality), with a Mash-Up, of Hatha! Feel me, Downward Dawg?


Flexibility training, Strength training (isometrics), & Aerobic training (Blading, Elliptical, Bosu-Ball, Jogging, & Stair-Climber/Step-Mill)

Sharpening the Saw:

“Practicing the fundamentals”, a daily review, of the Words I use, the Pictures (internally) I choose, & the Questions (I ask myself & others) that Xpress my views…to confirm, that they’re in Alignment, with my Intention (to LIVE COMPASSION)! Any Clarity, around that? 😉

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