Honoring A Friend’s Birthday

Congratulations Åsa, on another #SuccessfulJourney around the Sun! I Hope your next Voyage, is drunk with #AbundanceAndBliss♥B†△∞

Be Inspired!


Occasionally I take a pause to honor the people who inspire me.  This is one of those moments.  We can all take time to express our gratitude for everything that the people we know and the love bring to our lives.  It is a wonderful way to show them how much we care about them.

This is my beautiful friend, Osa Sjoberg.  She is an amazing health and fitness instructor.  Sunday is her birthday.

Osa is incredibly dedicated in her work and in her friendships.  She has an unmatched passion for helping others be all they can be.  She is inspirational in the way she never backs down from a challenge.  She is a wonderful example of loving self-care.

People often look at her and think that she must have it really good.  She’s gorgeous, talented and super intelligent.  But Osa has been confronted with challenges this year.  More challenges than anyone would be…

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