DJ SiMBa (Spirit/Mind/Body), on Human Variation (‘race’), Group Privilege, & Paula Deen…

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♥…after listening to, the Ladies of the View, speak about Paula Deen, ‘race’ (Human Variation), & ‘ist/ism’ (Group Privilege), I was inspired to, invoke the 1st Agreement (Speack Impeccably), & look at this micro topic, Symphonically, expanding the Energy, into the Macro…

My intent, is to “Change the experience, by Changing the Labels” (Transformational Vocabulary), & to illustrate, just how Subjective (judgemental, violent), vs Honest (Objective Truth), our current Communication, is…#Nestcepas?♥


DJ SiMBa (SiMBa~Says Radio), on ‘The ‘Four Corners’, of “NonViolent Personal Power”…The SiMBa~Diamond

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♥…B†ΔBe the Change∞ My Secret Identity (SiMBa, Spirit/Mind/Body), is here, to offer you a Gift…NonViolent Personal Power ~ A way of Being, where we can Change, how with Think/Feel/Behave, & learn how to Connect…with ourselves, & with others…Feel me?

Tonight’s Topic: The “Meaning of Life”, the “Purpose of Life”, & an intro, into “NonViolent Personal Power”

Love, SiMBa (Spirit/Mind/Body, with inspiration & abundance)

“Shaken, not stirred”, this Collins, knows exactly, how he wants it, Authentic…

As a former Professional Athlete, of African-Ancestry (Higher Shade of Brown), who teaches “NonViolent Communication”, with my “Same-Gender-Romantic” (LGBTQ) Father, I was filled with Pride, when I heard about Jason Collins’ announcement (saw a tweet, on the Morning of April 29th). When I remembered, I had worked on set, numerous times, with his Mother, Portia, & had coached, one of his friends, Kemper, in Baseball, the Connectivity & Synchronicity, left me feeling Overwhelmed & Over-Joyed, with a Serene sense, of Genesis!


Learning, that Oprah, was interviewing the family, in my hometown, I was imagining, that with my Skills, as an Empathy Coach, and Life-Experiences, I would really be able, to Contribute to the Conversation, by offering Compassionate Labels, & “Oh, I never thought about it, that way”, Aha-Moments! This is, such a special time, in our culture, as we embark on a Journey, to see, if being an “Empathic Civilization”, looks good on us, & I want to be, at the Forefront, of that New Paradigm!


“Dear Jason: I Hold the Belief, that with your Externance, & the Internance, that you seem, to (Like James Bond), Majestically Manifest, with Ease & Comfort, that you were, the most Excellent member, of ‘Team Humanity’, to carry this version, of ‘Phase Transition’! I salute you, my friend, you wear it, Exquisitely!”


“Some people, make the current Paradigm, more effective, & some people, make More-Effective-Paradigms”


SiMBa (Spirit, Mind, Body, with inspiration & abundance)

SiMBa Says…

SiMBa Says

“As important, as our Personal-Identity (I AM), is, in determining our Journey, in Life, Whadya say, we crank it up, a notch, & focus ‘Symphonically’, on our Trilogy-Identity (People are…Life is…I AM…)?” ~SiMBa (Mine, today: Loving, Magical, & Empathy)

A way of Being, where you can Change, how you Think, Feel, & Behave, and Learn how to Connect…