Announcing The Release Of: Excellence Off The Field!

True North House


We are so excited to announce the release of Tony Scruggs’ book – Excellence Off The Field.  Read what others are saying about Tony:

“Tony Scruggs hits a Home Run with his ideas.  He can help you access your inner Empathic Communicator and discover you next best self!” ~ Tony Danza

“Tony is a passionate man driven to make a difference in the world.”  ~ Jariek Robbins

“Tony Scruggs has amazing communication tools that are nonviolent and can help you connect to yourself & others. His ideas will enhance your life and your relationships!”  ~ Arun Gandhi

This book can change your life.  It is written in an engaging style – as if Tony is speaking right to you, the reader.  It contains so many gems of helpful information.  Tools that can help you live a more peaceful, effective life – today!

Pick up a copy for yourself today and…

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