SiMBa (Tony Scruggs) Intro


“In his Football days as a WR Jim Harbaugh (NFL Player/Michigan Head Coach) was his Quarter Back…

…His Baseball teammates have included Nolan Ryan, Sammy Sosa, Davey Lopes, & Goose Gossage…

One of his 1st acting jobs was with Robert Deniro…

…& his Softball teammates include American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman, iDol 7 winner David Cook, Y&R’s Joshua Morrow, Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa, Transformers director Michael Bay, Under the Dome’s Mike Vogel, Happy Days creator and Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall, and Mr Taxi/Who’s the Boss Tony Danza!

As the host of Living With Compassion radio & SiMBaTV (as well as the Author of Living With Compassion, the twee-book & ‘Make That Change in 4 Days: The e (is for Empathy) Course’), he’s here to share the Philosophy & the Language of NonViolence (did we mention he’s friends with Gandhi’s Grandson, Arun?), along with his Living With Compassion concerts!

…the Universe may call him SiMBa (Spirit, Mind, & Body, with inspiration and abundance mixed in) but you can call him Tony ‘The Empathy Guy’! Please welcome Tony Scruggs”


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