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The Leading With Compassion (LWC) Presentation coaches people in the Philosophy (and Language) of NonViolence! LWC is an interactive Field of Dreams inspired by the work of Mahatma Gandhi, Tony Robbins, Marshall Rosenberg, and SiMBa (that’s me Spirit, Mind, Body with inspiration and abundance mixed in)! A Comedic and Symphonic Contemplation of Life, LWC provides participants with a personalized version of Empathy, and offers a quality of Connection that meets people where they’re ready to be! A Multi-Media Concert, LWC combines Philosopy with Strategy, and shifts Perceptions and Procedures, with Regularity!

•Introduce participants to the practical applications of Empathy (technique and theory)
•Develop the ability to make clear Objective Observations (in relation to subjective evaluations), emphasizing the development of Positive Doable Clear Action Language!
•Explore the difference between feelings, thoughts, and diagnoses, looking at commonly used Linguistic Larceny!
•Introduce participants to Paradigm Shifts, like Human Variation, Restorative Justice, and Group Privilege!

•Develop ability to hear what other people are Feeling!
•Recognize what people are Needing (including ourselves)
•Develop idioms that are culturally applicable!
•Increase knowledge in the associations/chemicals, that words release into our nervous systems!
•Demonstrate competency in Self-Empathy!

“In-Spirit Inspiration, In-God Enthusiasm, the Joy-of-Being combined with a Goal is like a Love-Orgasm!”
All you need (as Aristotle said) is an Open Mind (and Love of course)

Meme 1: Intro
Meme 2: Empathy Coach (definition)
Meme 3: Heart Hand (audience interaction)
Meme 4: Repetition quote/game
Meme 5: Coach Wooden (Pyramid & Quote)
Meme 6: 4 Translations of less than positive Human Comm
Meme 7: Antidotes/Elixirs/Remedies/Empathic Response
Meme 8: Takeaways/Gratitude/Pause

Sincerely, SiMBa

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