Discipline: power over vs Power With

As the Son of two Americans of African-Ancestry, who were disciplined with punitive force (the desire to cause pain, for perceived wrongdoing), and lived before the Civil Rights Act, I think about the current group of Football players, who are the Authors of punitive force, & am Amazed (Personally, that my Parents made the desicion to raise me with Protective Force~the desire to prevent injury/injustice/danger~& Collectively, that more people don’t recognize the legacy of violence, Team-Humanity has evolved from)!

So let’s break it down: Our Thoughts, Words, & Actions, are constantly influenced by one another! If we change a characteristic of One, the others change as well (in any order)! So if our thoughts come from a place of scarcity (the belief in lack & loss…focusing on what we don’t like…aka fear), then we speak in declarations, answering Shakespeare’s famous Q, with “To Be” (You are, It is)! We employ the power over, model of the World, & use punitive force (on our Partners, our Children, & internally with ourselves).

Now, if our thoughts emanate from Abundance (Being against nothing…being for Peace & Cooperation, an Enlightened Educated Youth, a More Wonderful way of Living, & Respect for each others Feelings/Needs/Beliefs…aka Love), then we speak in Proclamations (Passionate expressions of One’s Beliefs), answering Shakespeare’s famous Q, with “Not To Be” (or Be To, which is Are You?, another Q)! We employ the Power With, model of the World, & use Protective Force (with our Partners, our Children, ourselves, & all members of Team-Humanity)

Collectively, Americans of African-Ancestry, have been trained in Torture & Terrorism, for multiple Generations, so for some folks, it makes sense to them, to discipline the way they were disciplined. Having experienced hazing, while being raised without physical violence, it was apparent to me, that the Authors of my hazing, were expressing the pain of their own hazing, & that it was masquerading as the labels, Unity & Brotherhood.

If “An eye for an eye, creates a blind World”, as the Grandfather of my friend, Arun Gandhi, once said, then I’m going out with the Philosophy of “Protective Use Of Force”, where we grab a child, who runs into the street, but we don’t strike them, once their safe! Where we employ Compassionate Resistance (Empathy with Pro-Activity), but don’t knowingly ingest venom, by applying enemy imagery! Where we say “I Love you, & have a need to Protect your well-being, but I need your help. I’d like you to be home by 11pm, & if you choose to come home later, then these are your Privileges that will be placed on pause! Good luck with your choice, did I tell you I love you”, vs “better get your ass home by 11, or else”…ya feel me?

My parents gifted me with the name Anthony Raymond Scruggs, & I’m a Spiritual-Being, experiencing Life, as an American of African-Ancestry, with a Pro-Sports pedigree, & a Film industry history! I’m a by-product of Love, Protective Force, Abundance, & Power With! If you Believe I would have been a more effective Human Being, had I been hit & yelled at, please LMK!

Love, SiMBa (Spirit, Mind, Body, with inspiration and abundance mixed in) #LanguageOfNonViolence

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