Masculinity, in the 21st Century (Empathy)

I had just started using my ‘Unlimited Power’, to ‘Awaken The Giant Within’, and ‘Get The Edge’, when I found myself volunteering in a “Mature Human-Beings Club”! I had just come home, for the off-season, & was inspired to “Make My Life A Masterpiece”, by giving back in a way, that I had never done before!

The friendly staff, decided after a few of my visits, that instead of being a general “Well-Wisher”, they wanted to pair me with One of the Old-School Gentlemen, they had perceived as being Challenging to deal with!

I did a quick “Deepak” (releasing attachment to all pronouncements), & was introduced to Ben, who I was told, really wanted to get outside (& go for walks), but only with a “Real Man”! As a Spiritual-Being, experiencing Life, as an American of African-Ancestry, I had a sense, that a 70 yr old “lighter shade of brown” (caucasian) male, may have unique ways of perceiving my “Higher Shade of Brown” Earth-Suit 😉

The 1st thing Ben said was “How tall are you?”, & I replied “Six One”! He asked “How much do you weigh”, & I said “220”, and my final “Man exam Q” was “Can you Bench 200 lbs, & Squat 500 lbs”, to which I responded “300 & 1000, if you really must know”! Whew, I had passed Ben’s test…& we became close friends, walking & talking for hours (I even got him a Gym membership, & introduced him to some financially Wealthy friends, that had also passed his exam)

Last night, @ a Marianne Williamson “Course in Miracles PlayShop”, the subject of Masculinity was brought up, in relation to “violence against Women”, & what it truly means to “Be A Man” in this day & age! As I listened to, what I perceived as Cognitive Dissonance, around “Enemy Imagery” (figuratively & literally), I remembered “Ben’s Man exam”, & realized that I needed to offer a slightly different perspective!

So I shared my version of identity (The whole “Spiritual Being” piece, adding in my “Athletically Professional” pedigree), & told the group that my “Inner Educator” attended Abundance & Love University, where they employed the “Power with Others” Philosophy, and that IMHO, what they were labeling maculinity, seemed more like power-over others, fear, & scarcity!

I capped off my Homage to my Psych PhD Mother (RIP), & my ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ Father, by saying I had learned that Masculinity was:
(1) Asertive (vs agressive)
(2) Loving (vs fearful)
(3) Abundance (vs scarcity), &
(4) Empathy combined with Gentility

…IPV (intimate partner violence, aka domestic violence/DV), has been brought to a space, where we have an opportunity to, as Marianne might say “Uncover another layer of Enlightenment”, & as I think about “Ben’s Man Exam”, and how I want to bring Author/Recipient Empathy, into the “Restorative Justice” orbitry (in relation to “retributive/punitive”), I’m very Encouraged, and Joyfully Excited, that “Tomorrow’s Man” (S/O to Neale Donald Walsch), won’t be about the Earth-Suit, he’ll be about the Empathic Experiential-Reboot…Ben’s Real Man 4.0, update in progress! 🙂

Wanna Be A Man?

Remember that “Absolute Power, demands absolutely nothing, What we resist, persists, and Power over others, is weakness disguised as Strength” ~CWG

Wanna Be A Man?

“Never try to be better than someone else, but never cease to try to be, the very best that you can be” ~Coach Wooden, to his 10 National Championship, Ucla Bruins.

Wanna Be A Man?

I invite you, to “Use your CAGE LOCK, to egress from your cage” (meaning, use Compassion, Abundance, Gratitude, Empathy, & the Language Of Connected Kindness, to deal with any situation you find yourself in)

…because, “The way I see it, Life’s a Celebration, especially when we observe, without evaluation” ~SiMBa (Spirit, Mind, Body, with inspiration & abundance mixed in)

Dedicated to Amanda & Jairek…Buena Suerte! “Learn it, Live it, Give it” (Bula, Bula, Bula)

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