Sunday Night Conversation, with SiMBa & the Lion King VII

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♥…tonight, I have a little bit of a surprise…since the Lion King, was unable to join us, I figured, I’d have another King, stop by, & share his Energy & Enthusiasm…big shout out, to “King Richard”, aka Rich Cruse (@RichOnOwn & @CrusePhoto), a “Spiritual Being”, having a Professional Photographer experience, & one of my @OwnTV “Twiends”, fellow seeker, & as @GayleKing might say, “Favorite Own Ambassador Rich” (LOLOLOL)

Since it’s a #SoulChat (in relation to, an interview), it seemed like it would be fun, to ask Rich, the Q’s, @Owners wanna know, about he & his #Owner sister (@JillienP), & on the flip-side, he’s gonna ask me, some Q’s, that folks might wanna know, about yours truly! Sound like FUN? Well, buckle-up, prepare to Laugh (maybe cry #TearsOfJoy), & we’ll meet you, in the Unknown field, of all Possiblities! 😉

SiMBa (Spirit/Mind/Body, with inspiration & abundance)

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