A Note About Affirmations

β™₯…People are, Life is, I AM (I Have)…with each & every breathe I take, with each & every stride, I feel Abundant\#CenteredJoy, with Love, from deep inside…People are Loving, Life is Lovely, I AM a Spiritual Being, having a Human Experience…I Have, a show, on @OwnTV, called ‘Tony: #TeachMeEmpathy’ πŸ˜‰

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Affirmations are positive statements we say in order to manifest something in our lives.Β  When we are feeling like something is not going the way we would like it to – we can say an affirmation to help create what we would like to see.Β  From more minor things to major health issues, people use affirmations to help them achieve their goals every day.

We send our energy out to the Universe/Divine/God when we use affirmations.Β  Affirmations are like short, direct prayers.Β  We say affirmations as if they are already happening.Β  Example: Β β€œMy life is productive and happy.”  Affirmations are very powerful statements that we repeat over and over until we create that change in our lives.

However, I believe we have to really be ready for what we are sending out a request for.Β  Affirmations can be like a wrench in machinery if not used appropriately.Β  Things can get confused…

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