The Opposite Of Bullying

♥…what a Lovely act, of “Compassioning”, thanks for sharing this story @DyanDiamond (fearless leader, of @TrueNorthHouse)

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Last year at a local high school there was a student who opened a facebook account.  The student did this anonymously – using a phrase instead of his/her real name.  And all year long this student posted on facebook regularly.  I came across the page by chance and watched in amazement daily.

This student posted the most wonderful things about his/her classmates.  It was amazing to watch this page.  The student commented on how helpful classmates were, how great they did in a class, and even when they looked nice.  This student observed his/her classmates and found all the wonderful things and then pointed them out.  It was all just super lovely.

People tried to guess who it was – who was saying all those wonderful things.  But the student insisted that it did not matter and just continued to spout out the most loving posts about his/her classmates.  The classmates were always grateful to…

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