#LeeDanielsTheButler Q&A (Q’s, by @PiersMorganLive)

When I met Gandhi’s Grandson (Arun), a few years ago, he honored a request of mine, by recording, one of his Grandfather’s famous quotes, on my cell phone (“Be the Change, that you wish to see, in the World”), in it’s language of origin! He taught me, that Ahimsa, was the Hindi word, for NonViolence, & he shared with me, the Powerful Connection, he & his family had, to MLK, & the Civil-Rights movement, here in America!

The other day, someone asked me, “Why are you so disciplined, in your use of #NonViolentCommunication?”, & after Reflecting, Pausing, & Contemplating, I answered, “What’s your favorite flavor”, to which they said, “Strawberry”, & I replied, “I use NonViolent Communication, for the same reason, you refrain from drinking Strawberry Poison…it may be tasty, & @ the same time, it’s fatal”

One of my “Intentions, in this World”, is to shift the Infrastructure of “Connection & Communication”, so this article, is my way, of doing that, through the lens, of @PiersMorgan’s interview, with some of the cast members, of “Lee Daniels, The Butler” (These are my Answers, to his Q’s)

Intro: “A Powerful Movie, with a Huge undercurrent of the Civil-Rights Movement, told Beautifully” ~@PiersMorgan

Q1: With @Oprah’s revelations, about the #BigotryAndBias, she’s experienced, I Wonder, does every #American Star, of African-Ancestry, have a story to tell?

A1: As a former “Major League Baseball” Player, of African-Ancestry, who grew up, with Academic & Athletic Privilege, in Palo Alto, California, I’ve been on both sides of the GIFT (“Benefit of the Doubt”, in relation to Sports & School, & “Detriment of the Skepticism”, due to the Stereotypes, that my “Shade of Brown” Earth-Suit, triggered in the minds of certain members of “Team Humanity”)…Yes, most of us (if not all), have a story!

Q2: Is America, a More, or Less, bigoted & biased Country, since the election, of President Barack Obama?

A2: As an American of African-Ancestry, who see’s the Symphony in Life’s experiences (Meaning, I see the guy, who is “Less than thrilled” about the way he’s treated @ work, & doesn’t realize, that he mimics that behavior, @ home with his family), I “Hold the Belief”, that the election of President Obama (kinda like, winning the lottery), didn’t change anything, it just Magnified (or brought out), that which, was within the people of the Nation (So people emanating from Abundance, saw the Hope & Love, & those coming from scarcity, saw the lack & loss)…it’s helped us figure out, where we truly are, in the “Soul of the Country” (& “Team Humanity”)

Q3: The Movie explores, various ways of “Social Change”. What do you Believe, is more effective, “Cecil’s way” (Change from within), or “Louis’ way” (Change from without)?

A3: Secret Option, #3, “Compassionate Resistance”! If selfless, is about taking care of others, & selfish, is about taking care of ourselves, the space in between, “Selfulness”, is honoring the Symphony in it all (Where everyone’s Needs, are Honored, Valued, & Attended to)…Love, Compassion, & Empathy, via “Protective use of Force” (desire to prevent injury/injustice/danger), in relation to “punitive force” (desire to create/cause, pain or suffering), is what I Believe, is the most effective!

Q4: Was LBJ, a larger influence, in Social Change, than people realized?

A4: As a Texas senator, he spoke the language of, & diminished the humanity of, Americans of African-Ancestry! As the President, he spoke/employed “Less than Compassionate” Communication, & @ the same time, pushed through, revolutionary policy!

Q5: Why did you cast @Oprah (Most Powerful Woman in the World, in relation to the President, being the most Powerful Man, in the World…both Americans of African-Ancestry)?

A5: Because, she was able to release OPRAH, & embrace gloria

Q6: Use of “Ninja”, what’s your take, on “Group Pejoratives”?

A6: If “Words are the vehicle we use, to Convey Our Life & Our Meaning, Lack of them, makes us less than poets, They release bio-chemicals, into our System, & bigotry n bias, are like bullets”, why would you, ever, want to pull, someone’s “Subconscious Trigger”?…”Some words, are feelings/associations, wrapped in Letters” ~@Dr_V_Tweets (“If you don’t Believe in theft, or destruction of property, please refrain from #VerbalVandalism &/or #LinguisticLarceny” ~@SiMBaSays444)

Q7: What was your take, on the Movie?

A7: From the #LeeDanielsTheButlter tweet chat (My @Ucla444 answers)

@Owners My #Perspective: IMHO #LeeDanielsTheButler is an Ode, to the resilience, of members of #TeamHumanity when their #HumanityIsDiminished

@Owners As an #American of African-Ancestry & former #ProAthlete, #LeeDanielsTheButler (IMHO) touched History, #Symphonically 2Sir, w\#Love♥

@Owners My #Perspective: My Father was born, before the #CivilRightsAct, I was born, after! We are them, & they are We♥#LeeDanielsTheButler♥

@Owners My #FaveQuotes: “Louis is a HERO, fighting to #SaveTheSoulOfTheCountry” ~Cecil Gaines #LeeDanielsTheButler♥

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